Sale of Cimpor Cimentos stake to Votorantim Cimentos

2010 ($1.3bn)

Sale to Procter & Gamble

2009 (N.D.)

Sale of controlling stake to Mercury Group

2008 (N.D.)

Acquisition of Orascom cement assets

2007 ($12.9bn)

Defence against OMV

2007 ($15bn)

Sale of minority stake to Amorim

2007 (N.D.)

Merger with Gaz de France

2007 ($39bn)

Merger with Rodamco

2007 ($19.5bn)

Sale to KKR-Permira

2007 ($7.7bn)

Acquisition of BOC Group

2006 ($14.4bn)

Acquisition of Emap

2006 ($0.7bn)

Acquisition of Electrabel

2005 ($14.3bn)

Merger with Fineco

2005 ($1.9bn)

Acquisition of Vendex

2004 ($7.6bn)

Sale to PPR

2004 ($2.8bn)

Merger between various holding companies of Telecom Italia

2003 ($3.7bn)

Sale of Northumbrian Water to investors' consortium

2003 ($3.4bn)

Acquisition of Interpower from Enel

2003 ($0.9bn)

Acquisition of Vivendi Universal Publishing

2002 ($1.7bn)

Sale to Banca di Roma to create Capitalia

2002 ($1.6bn)

Acquisition of Tractebel

1999 & 2002 ($8.4bn)

Restructuring of PPR interest and settlement with LVMH

2001 ($0.9bn)

Sale to Lafarge

2001 ($6.5bn)

Merger with Carrefour

2000 ($15.8bn)

Merger with Synthélabo

1999 ($11.2bn)

Defence against LVMH and investment by PPR

1999 ($10.5bn)

Defence against BNP

1999 ($19.6bn)

Acquisition of Générale de Banque

1998 ($13bn)

Defence and sale to Soméal and AGF

1997 ($8.5bn)

Merger of Guinness and Grand Metropolitan to create Diageo

1997 ($18.3bn)

Acquisition of SAFR from Swiss Re

1997 ($1bn)

Crédit Communal de Belgique

Merger with Crédit Local de France to create Dexia

1996 ($3.1bn)

Private and Public Offerings by Fininvest

1995 ($1.2bn)

Acquisition of CEAc from Fiat

1995 ($1.5bn)

Acquisition of Victoire from Compagnie de Suez

1995 ($2.1bn)

Société Générale de Belgique

Sale of CBR to Heidelberger

1993 ($2.8bn)

Merger of Combustion Engineering with Asea Brown Boveri

1990 ($1.8bn)

Sale of Nabisco Europe to BSN (now Danone)

1989 ($2.5bn)

Mittal Steel merger with Arcelor to create Arcelor Mittal

2006 ($40bn)

Aventis defence and sale to Sanofi

2004 ($69.3bn)

Alcan acquisition of Pechiney

2003 ($7.1bn)

Elf defence and sale to Total

2000 ($57.4bn)

HSBC acquisition of CCF

2000 ($19.8bn)

Merger with Lyonnaise des Eaux

1997 ($9bn)

Crédit Agricole acquisition of Banque Indosuez from Suez

1996 ($2.3bn)

Credito Romagnolo

Credito Romagnolo defence and sale to Credito Italiano

1995 ($2.4bn)

Acquisition of 70% of International Power

2011 ($25bn)

Acquisition of Endesa

2007 ($55bn)

Acquisition of remaining 32.9% in Arcelor Brazil

2007 ($6bn)

Acquisition of Fournier pharmaceutical operations

2005 (N.D.)

Financial restructuring and refinancing

2003 ($1.6bn)

Sale to Crédit Agricole

2003 ($20bn)

Acquisition of 45% of Castorama, £2bn rights issue and demerger of KESA

2002 ($5bn)

Sale to Italenergia

2001 ($5.6bn)

Sale of Salins du Midi to UEI

2000 ($0.3bn)

Defence and sale to Generali

1999 ($12.4bn)

Acquisition of Banca Commerciale Italiana

1999 ($12.6bn)

Acquisition of Salomon

1998 ($1.4bn)

IPO of Alstom

1998 ($4.2bn)

Acquisition of remaining 76% of Natexis

1998 ($1bn)

Merger into Compagnie Générale des Eaux

1998 ($7.5bn)

Merger of B&Q and Castorama

1998 ($7.7bn)

Sale of Catteau to Promodès

1998 ($0.4bn)

Sale to GGT

1997 (N.D.)

Acquisition of 24% of Natexis

1997 ($0.3bn)

Sale of 30% to Compagnie Generale des Eaux through an asset swap

1997 ($1.8bn)


Defence and sale to Auchan

1996 ($4bn)

Sale to Bel

1996 (N.D.)

Sale of animal health operations to Rhône-Poulenc

1995 (N.D.)

Acquisition of remaining 55% stake in UPSA

1994 ($0.6bn)

Valuation in connection with government privatisation

1994 ($2.2bn)

Unwinding of cross - shareholdings with Renault

1994 ($1.4bn)

Sale of European Assets to Newell

1994 (N.D.)

Sale of Printemps to Groupe Pinault

1992 ($0.8bn)

Sale of Habitat to Ikea

1992 (N.D.)

Sale of security division to Securitas

1991 (N.D.)

Acquisition of a 45% stake in UPSA

1991 ($0.3bn)

Defence and sale to Allied Lyons

1990 ($0.4bn)

Defence and sale to Miller Taback

1990 ($0.4bn)

Acquisition of Leroy Somer

1990 ($0.5bn)

Acquisition of 15% of WCRS

1990 (N.D.)

Mayfair Supermarkets

Defence and sale to LBO Group

1990 (N.D.)

Merger with Smithkline to create SKB

1989 ($8.5bn)

Sale to Framatome

1989 ($0.4bn)